"Severine of STP Communications is our preferred PR agent for the French speaking markets in Europe. Her knowledge of the consumer electronics market is very valuable. Her connections are extremely helpful for a successful PR campaign in France. We have done business with Severine for many years and can highly recommend her services." Vicki H.Burkhard - President - Burkhard Consulting Services
"We invited Severine to take charge of PR and marketing communication strategy for Promt at a very specific time point. Our goal was not just to succesfully launch the country-specific product line of linguistic software. The goal was to do it fast, efficient and cover all necessary segments - from government agencies and France-based multinational companies with our B2B products to teenage B2C consumers, with sales varying from retail chains to e-tailers and software publishers. Based on Severine's reputation and proven skills we insisted with our invitation, which she generously accepted as an independent contractor and joined our international team in 2005. Personally, I was very much impressed with Severine's creativity, enthusiasm and efficiency. Being a great team player, she not only coped with difficulties arising from working in an international team with HQ located thousands of kms from the targeted market, but motivated us all to reach the same level of being project oriented, focused and broadminded as she is (and saved us tens of thousands of dollars in advertising expenses :)) . One of the points, which makes Severine a great PR strategist is her ability to be always very targeted and sales-oriented. Each and every PR move implemented was always a sales instrument focused on a particular group of potential customers. Another crucial point was the following: her ideas and input to the joint effort were scalable and easy-to-implement on other markets. So, after outperforming with her help most of the local (and international) competition in France we used the same moves in Canada, Spain etc. I learned a lot from her and would be pleased to work again some time later. She has my highest recommendation" Ilia Klimakov - Director of Overseas Market // PROMT
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"I have been working for several years with Severine, and her PR service and dedication to her customers are top notch. Efficiency, extremely good follow-up and reactivity have always been key in her activity. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Wholeheartedly recommended !" Joscelyn Flores - Editor in Chief // PC Expert
"Séverine has been crucial to achieve a great visibility for our products in France. Thanks to her excellent contacts and equally excellent skills in not only transferring a highly complex matter into easily understandable information, but highlighting its real use for our target groups, she was a tremendous help to enter the French market. Her deep knowledge of both press and market as well as the current topics in several fields of interests enabled her to create highly targeted PR projects which always found their mark." Katja pryss - Managing Director // Steganos GmbH
"Sonnet Technologies has worked with Severine Thery-Perez of STP Communications for many years. Severine thinks out of the box and is very creative! The journalists love her and are always eager to try out and write about products she represents. She has great connections. She knows the French market in detail and no matter what product somebody likes to launch in France, Severine finds a successful way to market it" Jolanda Blum - International Business Development Manager //Sonnet Technologies
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